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Government yesterday endorsed Judgment Night 2, an all-night gathering organised by Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa’s United Family International Church, which will take place at the National Sports Stadium on April 19.

The event, set to be attended by an estimated 150 000 people, would also attract more than 8 000 international visitors, most of whom have started making inquiries.

Tourism and Hospitality Industry Minister Walter Mzembi said at a Press conference yesterday that Judgment Night contributed to Government’s vision of promoting religious tourism.

He urged the Zimbabwe Tourism Authority to promote “home hospitality” so that the international guests coming for the event would find enough accommodation, considering that about 3 000 of them could be accommodated in hotels.

“I just thought by way of this very brief Press briefing to share with you that we are endorsing Judgment Night 100 percent, 200 percent,” said Minister Mzembi.

“We want it to happen peacefully because we see the values, the cultural values, that we want to promote amongst our people, the religious and spiritual values that this country needs so much going forward.

“They (UFIC) have been working together with ZTA for the last two and half weeks now and they will be driving costs down for the benefit of the arrival of the travellers because this event will move people domestically and internationally.”

Minister Mzembi said it was rare in Zimbabwe that the country attracted 8 000 international arrivals, a feat that UFIC was easily achieving.

“It’s very seldom that we will get those numbers that will give us 100 percent hotel occupancy,” he said. “Judgment Night has the potential to become a major Christian event worldwide in the next few years, something like our own religious World Cup.

“It is in this area of its own size that Government has been attracted.”

Minister Mzembi said last year’s Judgment Night failed to take place because of the discord in the inclusive Government which saw UFIC being charged unrealistic charges to use the National Sports Stadium.

He said Judgment Night was about evoking the portion of scriptures dealing with forces opposed to all Christian progress in all facets of life, health, marriage, wealth and fruitfulness in general.

“The inaugural Judgment Night was held in 2012 with a record 123 000 people in attendance,” said Minister Mzembi.

“Attendees were drawn from all of Zimbabwe’s provinces, the SADC region, Africa at large, the Middle East and Europe and other visitors were our own diasporians.

“This year’s Judgment Night promises to be an even bigger event judging by the number of confirmations that we are receipting so far and when I say we, I mean Government and UFIC because we are collaborating on this in the context of religion and in the context of religious tourism.”

The buzz created by the euphoria building up on the all-night event is already being felt in the country and around the world.

Source : The Herald