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Finance and Economic Development Deputy Minister Samuel Undenge on Monday had his application for discharge from maintaining one of his two children allowed. Deputy Minister Undenge has since 2005, been contributing towards the upkeep of two children he sired with Ms Angeline Munyeza-Undenge, paying US$650 monthly for both of them.

This week he got the relief he sought when magistrate Mr Tafadzwa Mavhami discharged his daughter from maintenance because she was now 18-years-old — the legal age of majority.

The court said she had to make her own maintenance claim or her mother could make a fresh application on her behalf on the basis that she was still a dependant and going to school.

As the deputy minister sought the discharge, his ex-wife made a counter-application for an increase of the maintenance order granted in 2011 to US$1 800 for the two children, citing an increase in the cost of living.

However, after listening to both sides the court ruled US$400 maintenance be paid for the one minor child.

His ex-wife argued that Deputy Minister Undenge had a net salary of at least US$5 000. “In addition he receives non-taxable benefits in the form of a car, fuel, housing, medical aid, domestic worker and hotel allowances among other several benefits that accrue to ministers of Government,” said Ms Munyeza-Undenge.

She added that he owned Star Lotto, whose business presence covered the whole country.

“He is also a farmer in Chimanimani where he is making huge profits from the proceeds of farming,” said Ms Munyeza-Undenge.

Mr Farai Nyamayaro represented Deputy Minister Undenge while Mr Tazorora Musarurwa acted for Ms Munyeza-Undenge.

Source : The Herald