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THE MINISTER of State for Harare, Miriam Chikukwa, has berated local media and those linking the death of former Epworth MP Amos Midzi to alleged persecution by President Robert Mugabe and his Zanu PF party.

Chikukwa, representing President Mugabe, was addressing hundreds of mourners at the burial of the late former Zimbabwean ambassador to the US at Glen Forest cemetery in Harare on Saturday.

She said she was also amazed by media reports claiming Mugabe turned his back on his former aide to attend an AU summit in South Africa.

“He (Midzi) was not expelled. He was merely suspended. He died as a Zanu PF member,” Chikukwa said in Shona, comments which were met by murmurs of disapproval among some of the mourners.

“So, please stop capitalising if you are looking for members to join your parties, please use better methods.

“Do not do so by dividing Zanu PF please do not lie. Do not create hatred between the Midzi family and President Mugabe.”

The Zanu PF official told those claiming Midzi was expelled to go and revise their English vocabulary to understand the difference between being expelled and being suspended.

She said Midzi’s case was not different from a normal working environment where a manager is lowered from their position if found to be acting in conflict with the objectives of their employer.

Chikukwa was speaking before laying flowers on behalf of President Mugabe and his two deputies.

The late Midzi was found dead in his car at his Beatrice farm outside Harare in a suspected suicide case.

He was among dozens of pro-Joice Mujuru Zanu PF stalwarts who have abruptly been offloaded from the party after being accused of plotting to overthrow Mugabe.

Speculation is rife that he may have been forced to take his life out of continued depression caused by his suspension from the party.

Found dead in His car at Beatrice farm … Former cabinet minister Amos Midzi

But Chikukwa, another party official who survived the dreaded chop by a whisker, said those making such claims were trying to drive a wedge between President Mugabe and his lieutenants.

“If you have other motives find other ways of doing so but do not try to create divisions,” said the government official without mentioning names.

She continued: “When he was appointed ambassador and minister by President Mugabe, you are not the ones who instructed him (Mugabe) to appoint him.

“So stop complaining unnecessarily when someone has been asked to leave a post.

“Let us stop the business of trying to recruit new members into our parties by creating enmity among people.”

Chikukwa said President Mugabe demonstrated his concern for Midzi by sending her with flowers to lay during his funeral.

During her speech, she turned to Midzi’s widow, telling her to ignore “people who want to capitalise on a situation using your husband’s death in their quarrels with President Mugabe.

“…how would one do that? Do they even know him (Midzi) and what kind of business he was into even in his farm?

“They use such occurrences to settle their own scores. Hatidi, usanyepe! Nangana nekuchema, Nangana nekubata maoko.”

Meanwhile, the entire Zanu PF leadership snubbed Midzi’s burial except for Chikukwa who claimed she was representing the presidency.

However Tendai Savanhu, Temba Mliswa and Kudakwashe Bhasikiti and a handful of other former top officials were present.

Opposition Harare West MP, Jessie Majome, a distant Midzi relative, also took time to attend the burial.

Hundreds of party supporters who were not dressed in any party regalia also attended.

Source : New Zimbabwe