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The dendera music base is likely to widen when another Chimbetu – Miriam – takes music seriously after completing her examinations in June this year.

Miriam is Naison’s daughter and sister to Tryson.

Miriam publicly showed her intention to venture into music when she appeared on stage at her brother’s show and strummed the bass guitar skillfully two years ago.

The 18-year-old guitarist remained behind the scenes due to school work. Tryson said her sister had to take a back seat to ensure undivided concentration on her education.

Tryson said Miriam will make her entry into the industry with a bang as he is going to incorporate her in his forthcoming album.

“I am set to accommodate her prowess in vocal ability in my forthcoming album to be released end of year. We grew up together doing music, so I cannot dismiss my sister’s ability and it takes her less than a month to master an instrument or grasp a concept,” he said.

Source : The Herald