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MIRIAM SIBANDA, the suspended Zimbabwe Women Football boss, says she has bounced back into her job after ZIFA failed to pursue the disciplinary process against her, and two other board members, within an acceptable time frame.

Sibanda’s return comes at a time when ZIFA have decided to send Women Football Administrator, Theresa Maguraushe, to attend a high-powered meeting of the globe’s women football leaders to be held in Canada where the FIFA Women World Cup if being held.

The globe’s women football leaders are expected to discuss, among other things, issues related to the development funds that come from FIFA, every year, specifically to develop women football in Associations throughout the world.

The issue has been a contentious one in Zimbabwe football and ZIFA leaders believe that Maguraushe, who is supportive of the ZIFA leadership, will not ask any questions or raise issues about the money that has been disbursed from FIFA, specifically for women football, but wasn’t channelled into their coffers.

ZIFA president Cuthbert Dube is also expected to attend the FIFA Women World Cup.

Yesterday, Sibanda wrote to Dube and told the ZIFA boss that she had bounced back from her unconstitutional suspension.

“Reference is made to the correspondence dated 24 April, 2015 and 30 April 2015 to you regarding the above matter as well as a letter by ZIFA chief executive officer to the ZIFA disciplinary committee chairman, Mr Andrew Musengezi, dated 23 April, 2015,” Sibanda wrote.

“We have not heard from you save for a terse response dated 28 April 2015 signed by ZIFA CEO aising that a disciplinary hearing will be convened together with a letter dated 13 May 2015 pertaining to an alleged ‘Breach of Suspension Conditions.’

“Your continued silence and lack of action on the matter confirms our stance that the suspension was a nullity from the start.

Source : The Herald