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Readers of The Herald are divided over the causes and implications of the accident that killed 10 people, seven of them on the spot, when a Chitungwiza-bound commuter omnibus rammed ia tree just after Trek Service Station (formerly Chinhamo) along Seke Road on Tuesday morning.

In posts on the newspaper’s website yesterday, some readers blamed police for the accident, saying their acceptance of bribes left unroadworthy vehicles operating.

Others urged authorities to impose stiffer penalties on errant kombi drivers and operators.

Some readers said operators were to blame because they pressured drivers to speed in order to meet targets.

Mike said, “We will continue to face such accidents as long as we let the operators employ whoever they see with a driver’s licence.

“How many roadblocks did this kombi pass? Most of these kombis are owned by big guys in society.”

Mike said in other countries, the minister responsible for transport would take responsibility and resign.

Munashe said his car was hit by a kombi fleeing police.

“There is no law anymore. Let’s all fight this together and (save) lives,” he said.

Amelia said authorities should be hard on bribe-taking cops and ensure traffic laws were observed, while Sekai said kombi owners should be arrested for “carelessness-induced crimes”.

Cde Mzvinavhu added, “A lot of us, including Government ministers and police chiefs have preached to the kombi drivers about the importance of not committing the traffic sins!

“The solution lies with our Government to come up with a more efficient policy on the public transport system that protects the commuters while giving profit to the transport business operators.”

He said Government had not adequately planned for deregulation of public transport.

“Until (a) new system is introduced, measures can be taken to reduce the speed of the vehicles. We can all read the clearly marked speed limits on the public transport vehicles. (60kmhr in urban areas and 80kmhr on wide tarred roads outside towns),” Cde Mzvinavhu said.

Melon condemned accused kombi operators of only caring about profits.

Source : The Herald