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JUSTICE minister Emmerson Mnangagwa and MDC-T legislator Nelson Chamisa – who have engaged in some spicy Parliamentary jousting this year – were at it again this week.

Wednesday’s drama started when Chamisa was given an opportunity to pose a question and he chose the prickly matter of Zanu PF’s weevils bother.

“My question is directed to the leader of the House, Honourable Minister Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa,” Kuwadzana legislator Nelson Chamisa said to howls of laughter from colleagues.

He continued: “My question Honourable Speaker is are we likely to see the arresting of some very senior government officials and ministers especially considering the fact that the President (Robert Mugabe) himself has said that there are weevils.

“Is it not a serious crisis that ministers can be appointed who are weevils to actually serve in a government?”

Chamisa, fresh faced at just 36 years old, is a recent student of the law while his interlocutor sat for his LLB examinations with the University of London while in prison back in 1972 – six years before the MDC-T legislator first saw the light of day.

Mnangagwa rose to respond and started by reminding Chamisa of that he was yet to join the fraternity of the “learned”.

“Honourable speaker sir I thank the Honourable Member for the question … the law student,” the minister said to bawls of laughter from MPs.

“We in the fraternity of learned people,” Mnangagwa continued, entreating MPs to “note who are learned.”

The House did – and again roared with delight.

Mnangagwa continued: “So my answer honourable member and law student …

But before he could proceed, Chamisa jumped to his feet and raised a point of order.

“My point of order honourable Speaker Sir is that I ask this question as a Member of Parliament on behalf of my constituency …

“I did not ask Minister Mnangagwa to be my lecturer … I find it very untoward and unfair to continue to refer to my studentship which I am sure he admires,” Chamisa said, sparking off more merriment in the House.

“So, if that could be withdrawn and the minister really sticks to the question because I have not been answered.”

That allowed Mnangagwa to lob the last salvo.

“Thank Honourable Speaker, birds of the same feathers flock together,” said the minister.

“I was admiring the incoming of honourable Chamisa to the fraternity of the learned but since he is afraid to be welcomed I have no choice but I withdraw that you are a law student.”

It was not the first time the two have traded light-hearted blows in Parliament.

In January this year Chamisa had to remind Mnangagwa that there were no young or old men in parliament after the Zanu PF minister had addressed him as a young man.

Source : New Zimbabwe