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The appointment of Comrades Emerson Mnangagwa and Phelekezela Mphoko as Vice Presidents of zanu-pf and the Government on Wednesday has been described as a refreshing move that will bolster investor confidence.

Analysts and observers said the two cadres were seasoned and polished politicians who have served the country in various capacities extremely well.

The two were appointed by President Mugabe as zanu-pf Second Secretaries and State Vice Presidents at the inaugural meeting of the revolutionary party’s new Central Committee.

Political analysts and legal experts yesterday spoke highly of the two VPs, saying the country would now realise its full potential.

They also applauded the President for scaling down the number of Politburo members, saying that did not only save on financial budgets, but also helped to plug off parallel centres of power.

Prominent Harare lawyer Mr Jonathan Samkange said VP Mnangagwa was a capable leader whose appointment was long overdue.

“Where ever he worked as a Minister he was exemplary and I am sure he will measure up to the task,” he said. “I am sure he is going to work towards uniting people and finding solutions to the economic challenges facing the country.

“Our biggest challenge now is the economy and I am convinced that the two new VPs and the team that was appointed into the Politburo will captain the economic ship to the shores of prosperity.”

Mr Samkange said the new zanu-pf leadership was also refreshing in that it flushed out some saboteurs who were dividing the party by creating their won centres of power.

He said investors were also hesitant to come citing the country’s political risk, but now President Mugabe has set a trustworthy team that would inspire investors.

“There was also an element of sabotage in the previous leadership so that the President is blamed on everything that goes wrong,” he said.

“But now we are speaking with one voice and all the organs of Government will be geared to improve the economic situation.” Another lawyer Mr Terrance Hussein, said the two VPs had excelled in their respective fields and as such they were capable to lead the country to prosperity.

“I think the selection is quite refreshing because the people who have been appointed are young and energetic,” he said.

“The idea of reducing the number of Politburo members was also necessary. It saves time and decision making is going to be easier because we now have a leaner team of skilled technocrats.”

University of Zimbabwe head of Political Science department Dr Charity Manyeruke said: “We applaud the President for the appointments of the Presidium and the Politburo.

“As for the Presidium, the two VPs are competent cadres considering that they are all liberation fighters. As for VP Mnangagwa, he served the nation in various portfolios including the Ministry of Defence. He also played a role during the constitution making process by providing guidance and VP Mphoko has a long history of being a loyal member of Zanu-PF and he is also a seasoned diplomat.”

As war veterans, Dr Manyeruke said, the two VPs would unquestionably safeguard the gains of the liberation struggle.

“This is a g foundation that the President has laid,” she said. “It is a new page turned in the history of zanu-pf especially in light of factionalism that has blighted the revolutionary party because the two VPs are principled people.”

Midlands State University Media and Society Studies lecturer Dr Nhamo Mhiripiri said it was important for President Mugabe to work with people he trusted. He said although former VP Joice Mujuru had her shortcomings, it was clear that President Mugabe had lost faith in her.

“The last month has seen lack of trust by the President in his lieutenants after some people plotted against him,” he said. “We can talk about competencies but it all goes down to the issue of trust. The President should work with people whom he is comfortable with.”

zanu-pf Harare provincial youth chair Cde Godwin Gomwe said zanu-pf witnessed a historic event where President Mugabe exercised his authority as the ultimate centre of power in the party.

“We saw the President as the sole centre of power appointing his deputies and members of the Politburo,” he said.

“VP Mnangagwa is a competent cadre and here in Harare I was suspended several times for supporting him.

“His appointment was long overdue and I am also happy with the appointment of Cde (Pupurai) Togarepi as the secretary for youths because he is also a hard working cadre,” he said.

Source : The Herald