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ACTING President Emmerson Mnangagwa says government is concerned with the disappearance and alleged abduction of journalist and pro-democracy activist, Itai Dzamara earlier this week.

The activist has been staging protests in Harare’s Africa Unity Square demanding the resignation of President Robert Mugabe. He was allegedly abducted in the capital on Monday and has not been heard from since.

Responding to a question from MDC-T MPs in Parliament Wednesday, Mnangagwa said those behind his kidnap will be brought to book and held accountable.

“I want to thank the honourable member for asking the question which is very important to both the member and the national at large. As government, we are equally concerned with the disappearance,” said Mnangagwa.

“We want to inform the member that we are a democratic state and we believe in having its citizens being free and express their views and aspirations.

“So if anyone is caught as being involved in the alleged disappearance, that person will be held accountable and brought to book.”

Fani Munengami, the MP who had asked the question, then demanded to know “what assurance does government give that even if they are state security agents who are responsible for the abduction, they will be held accountable”.

“I want to tell the honourable member that it is more important to us because we are in government and we are more concerned,” replied Mnangagwa.

“This is something which has attracted the interest of the nation and we are going to do all we can to have this person found. As I said, any person liable for this action will be held responsible.”

The acting president said this as police had announced that were investigating the abduction of an anti-government activist, which the opposition attributed to state security agents.

“Mr Itai Dzamara’s wife reported that he was abducted by five male adults on Monday,” police spokesperson Charity Charamba said.

Civil rights activists and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai blamed state security agents for the abduction of the former journalist, who has been campaigning for Mugabe to step down.

“We are in no doubt as to the perpetrators of this abduction. We hold Mugabe and his regime responsible for this morbid and senseless act,” Tsvangirai told a press conference on Tuesday.

Meanwhile, outside parliament, hundreds of MDC-T supporters carrying placards demanding the release of Dzamara demonstrated and fought running battles with the police resulting in a cop being bashed.

More than thirty baton wielding police officers had to run for cover as the angry MDC-T supporters turned violet on them.

The cops had to seek protection from members of the army who were protecting a ZBC outside broadcasting van who came with guns to scare the crowd.

Source : New Zimbabwe