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ACTING President Emmerson Mnangagwa is set to engage MDC politicians to get their input on restoring peace and reconciliation in Zimbabwe.

This was revealed by MDC Renewal Team’s interim leader Sekai Holland at a press briefing Wednesday.

Holland said she met Mnangagwa Wednesday morning to brief him about the recent establishment of a peace department at Midlands State University where the two politicians have been co-patrons for four years.

It is then that Mnangagwa suggested he would call upon opposition politicians who formed the erstwhile inclusive government’s national healing and reconciliation organ to lend their experience into efforts to restore lasting peace in the country.

“It was very heartening that he was actually talking about harnessing the knowledge that was gathered during the time of the GPA (Global political Agreement) with those people that were involved then,” said the Holland.

“And they are organising a meeting when we will actually go to meet, understand what they want to do we make to input on what we think they should be doing. That is a good point.”

The MDC senator, together with Moses Mzila-Ndlovu, who is deputy secretary general in the Welshman Ncube led MDC, were co-ministers in the national healing organ during the tenure of the inclusive government.

The organ was led by then Vice President John Nkomo (now late), from Zanu PF.

Holland was briefing Mnangagwa on the establishment of the peace studies department at the MSU.

She also praised the appointment of Vice President Phekelezela Mphoko as Minister in the national healing organ saying she had confidence he was the right person for the process.

“I have every confidence that the new dispensation will do as it is saying it will do that they are willing to work with the society as a whole,” she said.

Source : New Zimbabwe