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Recently Environment, Water and Climate Minister Saviour Kasukuwere warned artistes and several organisations against sticking posters around street lights, trees and walls in order to market their events.

Though some musicians and organisations have resisted the move, afro- fusion group Mokoomba has taken note of the minister’s warning.

The group’s manager, Marcus Gora, said they engaged the Book Cafe and Jive Zimbabwe to have no poster gig on Friday.

“We will be partnering with the Book Cafe and Jive Zimbabwe for this concert and we will not have posters in honour of Minister Kasukuwere’s initiative to clean up the city,” said Gora.

He said, though, they would be campaigning for designated poster places rented to the artistes by the council.

“From our travels worldwide, posters and billboards are still a relevant way of publicising concerts so in addition to the use of social and electronic media, we think that going forward there should be designated spaces for artistes to rent space cheaply for posters and billboards, with the revenues going to the city council,” he said.

Gora said at the show they would be playing some new stuaff.

Jive Zimbabwe director Benj Nyandoro said they would use several social media platforms to market the gig.

“For now onwards we will only use different social media platforms to market the gig and there will no posters for the show,” he said.

The organisation upped their efforts to embrace social media marketing of shows after the minister aised artistes.

“We are using our SMS platform to market the show and a number of people have acknowledged the gig,” he said.

He said they were happy that several artistes had embraced the move.

“We are working with a number of artistes now and I am sure after the

end of this year a lot will come,” he


Nyandoro said the Friday’s show will be an eye opener to a other artistes who have not yet joined the initiative.

Source : The Herald