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THE MDC-T has hit out at junior Zanu PF spokesman Psychology Maziwisa, warning that he risked “unmasking (for his) rather unusual and controversial personal lifestyle”.

The opposition party was reacting after Maziwisa issued a statement and went on public television to attack MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

The Zanu PF deputy director of information was defending President Robert Mugabe’s decision to rope his daughter, Bona, into officials meetings with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Said Maziwisa: “At least President Mugabe is travelling abroad with his daughter.

“Tsvangirai has travelled on innumerable foreign missions with concubines, most of whom are young enough to be his daughters. If he sees glory in that, then shame on him.”

But the MDC-T hit back with national spokesman Obert Gutu dismissing Maziwisa as a “thoroughly misguided and hopelessly excitable junior spokesperson of the Weevils faction of the collapsing Zanu PF party”.

Gutu added: “In a typical Mugabe hero-worshipping fashion, Maziwisa, a moral pervert himself, had nothing substantial to tell the nation to prove his point except to attack Morgan Tsvangirai’s personality with his foul and unmeasured diatribe.

“It is absolutely shocking and uncivilised for someone with such a dubious character and controversial personal lifestyle to denigrate the former Prime Minister of the Republic of Zimbabwe in such a crass and uncouth manner.

“Whilst it is common knowledge that the junior Zanu PF employee, working in the regime’s information department, is merely singing for his supper, he should be mindful that it is not in his best interest to throw stones when he knows that he, himself, is fully ensconced in a very transparent glass house!”

Gutu said Maziwisa’s “crude, primitive and malicious attack on the person of Tsvangirai” was indicative of how low the Zanu PF regime has prepared to sink in desperate attempts to divert attention from the failing economy.

“This Maziwisa boy desperately needs expert psychiatric attention to help him cope with the hazards that come with leading a rather controversial lifestyle,” said Gutu.

“Maziwisa has definitely taken leave of his senses. He needs every concerned Zimbabwean’s prayers to help him get rehabilitated back into mainstream and conventional society.”

Source : New Zimbabwe