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More illegal structures are set to be demolished in Chitungwiza as the Urban Development Corporation, which was tasked by the Government to draw a layout plan of the town, submits the design this week with recommendations on the way forward.The plan will come up with recommendations on which illegal structures can be regularised and those which should be demolished.

Chitungwiza town clerk Mr George Makunde said yesterday that council would be guided by recommendations given by UDICORP.

“When we carried out demolitions, we did not destroy completed houses, but structures which were at various levels of construction which were not occupied,” he said. “The 22 000 houses whose case was taken to court were spared from the exercise. When the report (UDICORP’s) is out, however, we will know which of the 22 000 houses can be regularised and how many should be demolished. We will give people notice to vacate the affected structures before demolitions.”

Mr Makunde said residents should approach the relevant offices before deciding to build on stands they would have acquired.

Residents who exposed themselves to varying degrees of danger by settling on wet lands, municipal servitude lines and directly under Zesa high power lines are likely going to be affected, while structures which are not on dangerous zones will be regularised.

Chitungwiza municipality last Friday demolished illegal structures after residents who were given an order to stop construction work on unapproved land defied the directive.

Source : The Herald