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She is an accomplished preacher and eloquent speaker but Tracy Chimuka wants to reach out to as many people as possible through gospel music. Tracy who is more popularly known by the stage name Mother Chimuka is happy that her music is going places and people are warming up to her soothing voice. “Well, I am a preacher and I feel that some of my sermons do not reach out to as many people as I would want, so I decided to sing. Music is the vehicle through which I preach the word of God,” she explained.

The Zambia-based singer is basking in the glory of her new second 15-track album titled “Taropafadzwa” where she has upped her game.

The 2014 release touches on different subjects of life good or bad and it has captured the majority of her fans.

“My first album was ‘Hossana’ released in 2013. It did well both locally and in Zambia. When I compose songs I provide a well balanced diet so to speak. I comfort, I encourage, I lead and I rebuke. I leave no stone unturned.

“I always want to say the truth when I sing so that people can appreciate the goodness of the Lord,” she said.

And she draws inspiration from everything around her including the people.

“It is always best to sing from what I see around me, If I meet someone for the first time I learn something. If I come across anything I get feel I should get something out of that and that’s my inspiration,” she said.

On the album “Hossana” distributed by World Music, Mother Chimuka effortlessly deliveres her best in song. The music is more of worship than praise something she say she enjoys most.

The album opens with “Ridzai Ngoma” a track taht says God is great because he gives life for free. So the song calls for people to count their blessings not just material things but the gift of life.

The tracks “Ikoko” , “Dondifemerai” and “Ishe Taungana” were taken from the hymns since she is a member of the Methodist Church In Zimbabwe.

But on the track “Ndibviseiwo”, she sings that it is wrong for people to be associated with the wrong crowd. The song urges people to use their talents for the good of the kingdom of God. She says there some people who degrade others, but that is wrong. The songs asks God for guidance and to be able to use the talents in a good way.

On “Zita Rake Jesu”, it is a praise song whereby she says she wants to does not want to praise anyone except Jesus.

Track six is “Handingamire” and it says whatever troubles one face they should not stop worshipping God.

The title track whose video is being played on ZBCTV is about God’s presence always. It asks God to be there in times of sickness, in health, in sadness and during times of plenty.

“Panguva Dzino” is a song about making a covenant with God. It also asks for forgiveness and seeks an audience with God.

On “Vaive Mubishi”, Mother Chimuka recalls her past when she was born in a family of have-nots. However, she says through the grace of the Lord she has become somebody in life. She is now blessed abundantly.

Last but not least the album ends with “Never Short” which is again a praise song about God’s grace.

On the latest album “Taropafadzwa”, Mai Chimuka continued with different themes and sermons. However, tracks that stand out are “Vamwe Muchangosara” which attacks people who can’t mind their own business.

Those people who spend a lot of time gossiping in church instead of following the teachings and those speak ill about other churches.

“Denga Harina” is a reminder that in heaven there will be no sorrow but whatever people have on earth remains since there are angels in heaven.

She also did an R’n’B hit titled “I am Blessed” which is likely to appeal to all ages. Mai Chimuka is married with children and is a director of Corporate Air.

She says she has no problem in fitting in all her roles as a mother, wife, businesswoman and preacher.

She is planning on staging her live concert in Zimbabwe next year.

Source : The Herald