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ZANU PF apologist Goodson Nguni has called on the ruling party to investigate information minister Jonathan Moyo’s editorial appointments at the government-owned Zimpapers group.

Nguni claimed Wednesday that Moyo appointed gay editors to take charge two of the Zimpapers titles.

He was responding to state-media allegations that he was the source of a Newsday story claiming President Robert Mugabe owes Ray Kaukonde $30 million.

Sweeping changes were made to the senior editorial positions at Zimpapers – which is majority-owned by the government – after Moyo was appointed information minister in 2013.

Nguni claimed Moyo removed editors who refused his instructions to attack certain ministers, appointing instead former critics of the ruling party.

He cited Sunday Mail editor Edmund Kudzayi and NewZimbabwe.com founder and former editor Mduduzi Mathuthu now at the Chronicle.

Nguni suggested that Mduduzi was continuing to attack Zanu PF through the presence at NewZimbabwe.com of deputy editor Mthulisi Mathuthu who he claims to be Mduduzi’s young brother.

However, NewZimbabwe.com editor Gilbert Nyambabvu said Nguni should not drag the publication into Zanu PF’s succession wars.

“Mr Nguni must have recently returned from a rather long holiday in outer space if he is not aware that Mr Mduduzi Mathuthu is no longer involved with NewZimbabwe.com,” said Nyambabvu.

“Indeed Mr Mduduzi Mathuthu founded and previously edited NewZimbabwe.com but he is not the first person to establish and then leave a business in order to pursue other interests.

“Again, the fact Mthulisi and Mduduzi share a surname does not make them clones, or genealogical brothers as Mr Nguni claims.

“I hope the gentleman does not suggest we should have denied Mr Mthulisi a job simply because of the accident of descent.

Nyambabvu added: “Mr Nguni also erroneously claims Mr Mthulisi Mathuthu is current editor of NewZimbabwe.com. Last time I checked I was still in post.

“I hope Nguni is not encouraging my good friend and colleague to hire assassins and seek help from Nigerian sorcerers, as they do in some organisations where ambition is criminalised.”

Source : New Zimbabwe