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INFORMATION minister Jonathan Moyo has denied doing a runner from the liberation struggle in the 1970s but would not explain what happened when he left a training camp in Tanzania.

The allegation Moyo deserted the struggle was made by the late Zanla commander Wilfred Mhanda whose liberation pseudonym was Dzinashe Machingura.

According to Mhanda, Moyo made two attempts, the second successful, to flee the Zanla training camp at Mgagao in Tanzania.

“Life was often simply too hard for them (educated recruits). Some educated cadres were caught during escape bids,” Mhanda writes in his biography.

“Jonathan Moyo, for example, made two attempts from Mgagao, of which the second was successful and took him back to Rhodesia from where he made his way to the United States in 1976-77.”

Moyo was challenged about the allegation in testy exchanges with his followers on Twitter Friday.

“No I didn’t (run away) and one day soon I hope the Good Lord will enable me to tell my side of the story,” said Moyo.

“Otherwise it’s regrettable that Dzino passed on before I could reply to him in similar currency, that’s through a book. I’ve previously referred to the matter in a preface to my book, The Politics of Administration in Africa, published I think in 1991.

“Dzino made that allegation to pre-empt disclosures I wanted to make in a book about some unspeakable and dastardly acts that he and others working with him did at Mgagao against young Zimbabweans who found themselves at the camp expecting to be trained and deployed at the front. There’s an untold story here.”

Moyo was also challenged about his role in the bloody 2008 elections with one Garikai Chitsanzo Goremusandu asking: “With due respect, why did you subvert the people’s will in 2008?”

Moyo retorted: “With similar due respect, I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about, and I’m sure I’m not the one in that quandary.”

It got worse with Denford Maruta asking the minister: “When is your uncle Bob going to retire?”

In response Moyo said: “He wasn’t elected on July 31, 2013 — about 20 months ago — to retire.

“He was elected to govern for five years from July 31, 2013, to July 31, 2018. That’s what he’s doing and he’s determined to discharge his constitutional mandate.”

The minister was also asked whether First Lady Grace Mugabe was now part of the Zanu PF presidium after she took a seat at the top table during this week’s politburo meeting.

“Zanu-PF doesn’t have in its constitution any permanent structure called ‘Presidium’. Therefore, Dr Grace Mugabe can’t be a part of something that doesn’t exist,” replied Moyo.

Source : New Zimbabwe