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JONATHAN Moyo, the country’s information minister, once vowed that he would never use either Facebook or Twitter – not in a thousand years.

But, and in typical Moyo somersault fashion – some would argue, the minister confirmed Monday that he had joined the social media platforms – declaring he would use them “like nobody’s business”.

Moyo is believed to be a key figure in First Lady Grace Mugabe’s Mazoe Crush Movement which engineered the public disgrace and ouster from government and Zanu PF of former vice president Joice Mujuru and ministers said to have backed her alleged coup plot.

The information minister was part of the new politburo named by Mugabe after the December Zanu PF congress, taking up the lowly post of secretary for science and technology.

Party rivals said the government information tsar was not overly amused with the appointment, having reportedly coveted the party spokesman position which was handed to the demoted Simon Khaya Moyo.

However, in a statement Monday, Moyo said the politburo science and technology job had influenced his decision to renounce the “never in a thousand years” Facebook and Twitter vow.

He said: “My decision to be active on Twitter and Facebook, which I had previously vowed never to use in a thousand years, has been influenced by my recent appointment by President Mugabe to head Zanu PF’s Department of Science and Technology which has combined very nicely with a long standing push from my kids whose lives revolve around social media. Let’s get started!”

Regarding the numerous fake Facebook and Twitter accounts opened in his name, the minister said: “Those phoneys out there who have been running fake social media accounts in my name should take note that their criminal game is up.”

And explaining his decision further, Moyo added: “Like everyone else, I think social media are really cool as digital platforms and I acknowledge their amazing power in facilitating interactive communication beyond the boundaries of space and time and in ways that can improve lives and livelihoods. But of course every cool thing has its limits and that is particularly true of technological products.

“In any event, there are some fundamental questions whose answers still remain elusive about the space and use of social media in human civilisation.

“The abuse of social media witnessed in fake revolutions such as the so-called Arab Spring coupled with the vulnerabilities of these media to cybercrime should give society enough reasons to be inquisitive about the virtues of social media.

“Otherwise the bottom line that you can ignore to your own peril is that social media have become so ubiquitous and so pervasive that it is no longer possible to be relevant in any human endeavour without using them.

“And so it is that while I still gly believe in the epistemological proposition that nothing beats human speech as an expression of rational communication, I have decided to not only follow social media but to also for the first time participate in them as an active contributor.”

Never one to miss an opportunity for a dig at the opposition, Moyo quipped: “Those who don’t use social media in one way or another and those who want to ban their use are doomed.”

He was probably referring to the decision by opposition MDC-T leader and former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai to ban party members from forming WhatsApp groups without his permission.

Source : New Zimbabwe