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INFORAMTION Minister Jonathan Moyo, accused by Zanu PF rivals of concocting stories published in the state media and allegedly seeking to destroy the ruling party from within claimed Thursday that there is a plot to take him out”.

Moyo is in the eye of a storm over a story published by a local daily claiming President Robert Mugabe owed Zanu PF’s former chairperson in Mashonaland East Ray Kaukonde $30 million.

The government spin-doctor is now locked in a bitter war of words with party storm-trooper and apologist Goodson Nguni who stands accused of having leaked news of the debt which was reportedly discussed at the Zanu PF politburo last week.

Clearly feeling the heat, Moyo took to twitter Thursday, telling his followers there could be a plot on his life.

“In Germany if you want to kill a dog allege it has rabies in Zimbabwe allege it is plotting against the President!” Moyo said.

Zanu PF is immersed in a vicious succession war that turned resulted in the expulsion of a litany of leaders fronted by former vice president Joice Mujuru.

Mujuru was accused of seeking to remove Mugabe by force including planning an elaborate assassination plot with assistance from Western countries.

Mugabe’s wife Grace was at the forefront of the verbal assault of Mujuru with massive support from Moyo and other leaders then believed to be aligned to a faction led by new vice president and Justice Minister Emmerson Mnangagwa.

However following Mujuru and her lieutenants’ expulsion from the ruling party, the Mnangagwa faction has literally been tearing at each other with a group of ‘young turks’ now turning its guns against Mugabe’s new second in command.

Moyo, who told a BBC correspondent in an interview recently that the accusations levelled against Mujuru were political banter, now alleges Mnangagwa’s sympathisers are re-incarnating the lies used to remove the former vice president.

“It’s shocking self-styled pro VP Mnangagwa successionists are reproducing Gamatox epithets against erstwhile Cdes!

“Claims that @HeraldZimbabwe publishes anti-Zanu PF articles are idiotic amp a gross abuse of journalists whose serve their country selflessly!” he said.

Nguni does not sit in the Zanu PF politburo and has denied leaking the story about Mugabe’s debt, while his new aersary Moyo is a member of the communist style establishment chaired by Mugabe.

Source : New Zimbabwe