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INFORMATION minister Jonathan Moyo has vowed to reclaim Tsholotsho North constituency for the ruling Zanu PF party in forthcoming by-elections.

Moyo lost the seat in the 2013 elections to Roseline Nkomo, then of the opposition MDC-T, and failed with subsequent efforts to have the result over-turned in court.

But Nkomo has now been expelled from Parliament, thanks to a decision by the Morgan Tsvangirai-led MDC-T to have her recalled for crossing the floor.

Curiously, Tsvangirai has vowed not to contest any new elections, meaning the constituency will most likely return to Moyo and Zanu PF.

Nkomo was one of the MPs who ditched the MDC-T to form the MDC Renewal Team after Tsvangirai refused to step down in bitter recriminations that followed the opposition party’s 2013 election disaster.

The former premier however, successfully petitioned Parliament to have all the 17 rebel legislators expelled from Parliament.

Following the decision, Zanu PF political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere called Moyo to arms saying in Twitter: “Jonso bring back our constituency. Bring it back home!”

The information minister obliged, telling Kasukuwere that: “Copied Cde National Commissar. This is a case of a lost but found constituency.”

All the MDC formations have ruled out participating in new lections until reforms are implemented to ensure credible polling.

Former education minister David Coltart lamented Tsvangirai’s move to recall the legislators.

He said: “Given that the MDC-T say they’re boycotting by-elections, are they happy to hand these seats over to Zanu PF?

“One thing is crystal clear from Twitter – both Jonathan Moyo and Saviour Kasukuwere issued deliriously happy tweets about the move. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.”

Welshman Ncube, leader of Coltart’s MDC formation, confirmed that the party would not contest the by-elections.

“We’ll not contest. We’ve not contested in a single by-election since the 2013 elections, whether for council or Parliament and we’ve said it several times that we don’t want to take part in any by election,” he said.

Source : New Zimbabwe