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ALTHOUGH Fortune Mparutsa and Dumi Ngulube might be both late, their influence is still g as evidenced by the inroads that some of their products are making on the music scene.

One such talented young artiste who worked with the musicians is hip hop singer, Munyaradzi Chimonyo otherwise known as Bronx International.

The name Bronx — according to the artiste — was derived from a town in the United States with the same name which he says produced many artistes, hence the inspiration.

Also known as Mr Bronx, he said he grew up listening to the music by the late singer Fortune Mparutsa before Dumi Ngulube of the Amagents outfit also later identified his talent.

“After my second album, ‘If You Were My Angel’ which I released after my debut offering ‘A gift From My Heart’ in 2003, that is when the late Ngulube realised my talent and it is sad that he passed away before we had collaborated on our joint project,” he said.

Despite this blow of losing his mentors, Mr Bronx has never looked back and the youthful artiste has released three singles, namely “Crazy Feelings”, “Your Life” and “Crazy Feelings Instrumental” which he says will be featured on his forthcoming 12-track album titled “Ecstasy” due for release end of April.

Noteworthy on the album is the track “Free the Woman” which was inspired by the girls who were abducted by the Boko Haram insurgents.

“So Amazing” is a party track on a hip hop tip, while “Your Life” is dedicated the artiste’s promoter, David Mashumba “for his moral and financial support”.

“He is the same person who has been instrumental in supporting the likes of the late Taku Mafika, Roki and Discord and he is more like a brother to me,” he said.

Mr Bronx said the album “Ecstasy” will be launched around Easter.

“I have been in the music industry for around 11 years and I feel now is the time to make it big in the industry, but some of the challenges that are making this impossible include lack of adequate airplay and corporate support,” said the artiste, who is also a member of the group Amagents where he is a vocalist.

Mr Bronx was born on September 19, in 1986 and started doing music at a tender age before he worked with various artistes and finally went solo.

Source : The Herald