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The album, armed with an array of up-tempo compositions, reveals a diverse new ace of Stach’s music.

URBAN grooves hall of famer, Shawn Chitsiga, Popularly known as Stach has broken his several year -long musical hiatus as he stands on the verge of dropping a fresh hot album aptly entitled Breaking The Silence.

Having been focused on his hugely programme on television, Green Studio, Stach has decided to have another love affair with the recording studio, the place where his name was first etched in fame, definitely to the delight of his many fans.

The effort features eleven tracks and one poetic intro that chronicles the musical history of the Harare born and Bulawayo raised artiste and true to his diversity has tracks in English, Shona, Ndebele, as well as regional dialects including Lingala, Swahili and a sprinkling and dash of French in typical Congolese style.

“I had ventured into broadcasting which is something I am passionate about but at the end of the day I am an artiste and entertainer and both presenting and singing are the hallmarks of art and they are things I can do well, hence my decision to come back into the studio and drop this massive album, which I hope my fans can appreciate,” said Stach.

The album, armed with an array of up-tempo compositions, reveals a diverse new ace of Stach’s music, with the signature rap lines and rich lyricism, while exposing another facet of his music as he uses live studio instrumentation in his pieces.

He even fuses musical styles as he takes on genres like Congolese ndombolo, rap, hip-hop and r’n b to create a tortilla of a musical dish in a journey which makes the album all the more mystical and Odyssey and overly eclectic in palate.

“I wanted to show how rich and diverse what essentially was known as urban grooves can be and after long hours in the studio I produced an album that had something for everyone and also succeeded in showing another side of my musical taste and musical experience,” said Stach.

Propelled to fame by his hugely successful debut chart topper Amasiko, Stach has not left his touch entirely, even reprising his hit song Amasiko in line with his new sound while retaining his didactic lyricism in many of his tracks, which aocate the maintenance of tradition as well as cultural traits like respect for adults as well as marrying spouses who show traditional decorum.

In line with his newfound love for environmental issues and aocacy, he has even penned a song of environmental activism where he decries the felling of trees which is a serious issue worrying many in the age of climate change and decimation of forests.

The album will have a star style series of launches ranging from a media launch, VVIP launch as well as a public launch for the fans in what shall be a roller-coaster launch program.

“Exact dates are soon to be rolled out in the media suffice to say the album drops this month of May also to capture the spirit of ubuntu over Africa Day month,” said the youthful crooner.

Source : Financial Gazette