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DYNAMOS chairman Kenny Mubaiwa yesterday denied there was discord in their camp and defended the team’s performance following the shock defeat to newboys ZPC Kariba at the weekend.

The defending champions put up a lacklustre show at the National Sports Stadium on Sunday and succumbed to a late strike from veteran forward Artwell Nyamiwa.

There have been voices of discontent in the build-up to the match with the players calling for an upward review of the winning bonuses this season from US$150 to at least US$200.

A Dynamos player argued they needed more recognition from the club’s superiors after winning the title for three years in succession, adding that their peers from the other local clubs are getting as much as US$400 in bonuses.

The players received US$150 for winning their first league match at How Mine. Mubaiwa yesterday professed ignorance over the simmering tensions and said the executive was always ready to engage the players whenever they feel they have a case.

“As chairman I haven’t received any request to have the bonuses increased or anything to that effect. I must say we are very fortunate as a club that we have sponsors BancABC taking care of the salaries and all the players receive what is due to them every month without failure.

“I can also confirm that we have been paying their bonuses in full and if the players are not happy with something they know the channels to follow. We have always sat down and discussed with them.

“We are always open for talks with them. We are their employers, in fact we are in this together. Why would we refuse to discuss with them if there are burning issues?

“Whether the allegations that the players are not happy are coming from the grapevine or not, those who are spreading them, if they are part of the team, they should know better that we are open for discussion.

“We shouldn’t be discussing these issues in the media. I believe we should be sincere with each other.

“So as far as I am concerned I don’t see any problem in our camp. We lost a match and it happens in football. We have to do better next time. But if it’s true that the players were protesting on the field of play then that’s a problem,” said Mubaiwa.

The players have also registered their displeasure in the sharing of the Bob@90 Super Cup prize money.

DeMbare are set to receive US$45 000 for winning the tournament after beating Highlanders in the final last month and the players are demanding 60 percent of the prize money which translate to US$27 000.

The club on the other hand is insisting on 40 percent and the players are refusing the US$18 000.

Mubaiwa said there was an agreement that the players get 40 percent of the prize money from all cup games.

However the players last year received 70 percent of the share after winning US$110 000 in the same tournament and split US$77 000 among themselves.

“We have agreed with the players that they get 40 percent from the prize money. We should try and understand it in this way that all the money that we would have won is income that should go to the coffers of the club, just like what happens with any organisation which rakes in income.

“So we sat down and agreed with these guys, we didn’t just wake up and dictate to them that they should get 40 percent.

“They know that the remaining percentage goes towards the operations of the club. I am yet to see a company that will dispose larger parts of its income to the workers and still remain operational.

“The players are employed by the club and when they get their 40 percent we, the executive members, don’t even take a cent from that money.

“This is the money that we use to pay for the expenses that we meet along the way as a club, the winning bonuses and settling signing-on fees.

“So it’s not possible to give them the 60 percent that they are demanding if you approach it from that angel. Last year we gave them 70 percent to cushion them but we realised we made a mistake and we must correct that,” said Mubaiwa.

Team manager Richard Chihoro said he was not aware the players were not happy.

Chihoro said the players yesterday had their usual Monday light training at Zimphos, where they were joined by old boy Roderick Mutuma, and will rest today to recover from the weekend game.

“We didn’t play as we would have wanted but we had our chances which we failed to use. It has been happening in most of the games that we have played.

“We need to be more precise in front of goal and we will continue working with our players. I am sure we will be talking a different language very soon because it’s not like they are bad players,” said Chihoro.

Source : The Herald