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REGISTRAR General Tobaiwa Mudede told a weekend church gathering he was pained that his “little daughter must go on contraceptives”, claiming condoms and other birth control measures interfered with the “natural process created by God”.

Mudede said Zimbabweans should freely reproduce and multiply if the country was to become a super power, adding that contraceptives were a ploy by the West to keep Africa and other developing countries weak and poor.

According to the Herald newspaper, Mudede made the shock remarks while addressing congregants at a Family of God Church event commemorating Africa Day in Harare’s Kambuzuma suburb.

Mudede, along with several senior Zanu PF and government officials who included Webster Shamu, were reportedly invited to the event by church founder Reverend Andrew Wutawunashe.

According to the Herald, Mudede claimed to have authored a book on population control which explained why people should desist from using contraceptives and instead have as many children as possible.

“When I looked at other countries that are smaller in size than us they actually have bigger populations,” said Mudede. “I am pained when I am told that my little daughter must go on contraceptives. Why do you want these foreign products? It pains me a lot.

“Where are you going to get soldiers should there be an aggression? We want police officers, workers, nurses. If you are to ask young people today how many children they have you would hear them responding proudly, ‘just two’.”

In his view, countries such as Zimbabwe could not become super powers if they continued to restrict population growth.

“You want to be a super power, but you do not want to multiply,” he said.

He also claimed that some contraceptive methods were also associated with cancer.

“Pasi nedepo provera. Pasi nenorplant (Down with depo provera, Down with norplant),” he said.

In addition, contraceptives also interfered with God’s biological plan for women in which their bodies cleanse themselves every month, he added.

“So you want an injection or a tablet to interfere with that natural process created by God?”

“Contraceptives were popularised in the country from the 1980s, with donors and government discouraging people from having large families.”

Source : New Zimbabwe