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Award-winning gospel musician Mudiwa Mtandwa popularly known as Mudiwahood has bought a new car, Mercedes Benz SLK convertible from Germany. Last year the musician was given a Mercedes Benz C200 by Prophet Uebert Angel and now he has added another set of wheels to his growing a fleet.

The new two-seater convertible car is metallic brown in colour with custom made interior. Mudiwahood said the car is his second and is a blessing from God.

“I bought this car from my income from CD sales and shows. I owe everything to God and it is a blessing because I love this type of car,” he said.

He said will give his fianceacutee Karen his first car. “I will give my fianceacutee my C200. I am a Mercedes Benz fan,” he said.

The gospel artiste posted the car images on his Facebook page thanking God.

“Surely and verily I say unto you we are ambassadors of heaven hard times will not affect us (embassy of the Holy Spirit) . . . Neiwayo Mashoko I want to thank the Lord Jesus for this blessing (they are many just can’t name all but this I believe is shareable)!! For Bible said by the word of their testimony they overcame the devil . . . Jesu Pamhai Vaone JPV!! . . . when Jesus comes it will be joy to leave this behind, knowing I exercised full authority and dominion over all things on earth . . . Mwana waMambo ndiMambo, Jesu ndiMambo!!” read the post.

However, Mudiwahood refused to disclose how much he had imported the car for.

“I cannot divulge the price because some people will think I am pompous or I want to show off but all I can say is the car is with me now and I thank the Lord,” he said.

Meanwhile, the “Taita Mari” hit-maker said he is working on a new single set to be released next week.

“My next album is coming out in July but I am working on a new single entitled ‘Pane Ane Nharo’, which will be out next week. The song talks much about being God’s son,” he said.

Source : The Herald