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MDC-T legislator for Warren Park Mr Elias Mudzuri has blasted party leader Mr Morgan Tsvangirai and secretary-general Mr Tendai Biti for the “childish manner” they are handling the issue of succession in the party.

Mr Biti convened a national council meeting a fortnight ago at Mandel Training Centre where they resolved to suspend Mr Tsvangirai and a number of his inner circle accusing them of violating the party’s constitution as well as using party youths as tool to deal with political opponents.

Mr Tsvangirai responded by convening his own national council meeting at Harvest House four days later that expelled Mr Biti and other officials who attended the Mandel meeting.

Mr Mudzuri was one of the first people in the MDC-T to suggest leadership renewal after the party’s heaviest defeat at the hands of Zanu-PF during the July 31, 2013 harmonised elections.

“What is happening in the party is meaningless as it lacks maturity,” he said.

“Both camps lack vision and maturity as they are just politicking. Some of us are too mature to be doing those things. They are busy tearing each other apart instead of allowing people to talk.

“I believe someone who has been in the party for 15 years cannot just be sacked by someone. Democracy demands that we discuss things without fear or favour.”

Mr Mudzuri said he supported neither factions because they breached the party’s principles adding that it was important for the two camps to unite.

“We need to unite and find a common cause without deceiving the nation. We need to capture the national sentiment and come up with a template of what Zimbabweans want. The succession debate must resonate with the public.

“For now, I am in the MDC and I am talking to everyone at the moment. I am not taking sides because what is happening lacks vision. I believe no one is bigger than the party. I stand for the foundation of the MDC. I remain on the constructive side yet there are those on the selfish side,” he said.

Mr Tsvangirai’s camp has been suspending provincial executives deemed to be against the party leader and replacing them with those loyal to him ahead of the party’s elective congress that was slated for 2016, but have been moved to October this year.

This was seen by some in the party as a deliberate ploy to impose provincial structures that would ensure that Mr Tsvangirai retains his post.

Indications are that Mr Tsvangirai would not be contested in the likely event that his faction and Mr Biti’s do not unite.

But Mr Mudzuri said it was important that the party allowed free debate ahead of the congress.

“I still believe congress will determine the future of the party but it mustn’t be shaped as a straitjacket for someone . . . Violence should never be tolerated. We need a certain level of maturity,” said Mr Mudzuri.

Mr Mudzuri could neither confirm nor deny that he still harboured ambitions to take over the party saying it was up to the party’s members to elect the leadership.

Source : The Herald