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Mufakose-based craftsmen Lovemore Nhamo and James James, who hail from Zimbabwe and Tanzania respectively, have ripped heavy benefits from the just ended Harare International Festival of the Arts after they got numerous orders for their various animal wire and bead craft work from foreigners who attended the festival.

Nhamo,who claims to have been taught his trade by renowned sculptor Dominic Benhura,said their art work has been greatly appreciated by people from Europe which has resulted in many of them placing orders.

“We really would like to thank the Almighty for this wonderful chance of a lifetime.

“Honestly speaking, both of us never thought our products are really exceptional to some people, especially from Europe, as we have already received numerous orders from Germany, Switzerland, Belgium and Sweden amongst others,” he said.

“We specialise in a variety of art work, but most of the orders that have come through are mainly for the animal craft work as foreigners admire our African animal kingdom.”

The crafters dedicate themselves in utilising mesh wire ,bottles and beads into magnum opus that range from giraffes, rhinoceros, elephants, helicopters and African maps.

However, James highlighted the main challenges they are facing in their distinctive craft industry and have appealed to the government to help them establish their own market as it has proved to be a major potential foreign currency magnetiser.

“I would really like to appeal to the government of Zimbabwe to seriously consider our trade as a foreign currency earner as evidenced by the numerous orders we are getting from outside the country.

“Of course, we acknowledge the opportunities that came with the festival, but it will be more satisfying if the responsible ministry in Zimbabwe organises its own arts festival so as to promote the indigenous craft industry.

“Also, the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority should ease duty payments for our crafts and sculptor products because some foreign customers hesitate to buy our staff because the duty payments are just too high,” he said.

Source : The Herald