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THE opposition MDC-T party has hit out at President Robert Mugabe for bullying judges after the veteran leader claimed that the courts will throw out Didymus Mutasa’s challenge against the legality of Zanu PF’s December congress.

Mutasa was deposed as Zanu PF administration secretary as Mugabe purged the ruling party of former vice president Joice Mujuru and her suspected allies over unproven allegations they plotted to illegally take over power.

Both Mujuru and Mutasa deny the allegations with the former presidential affairs minister mounting a legal challenge against the December party congress which deposed him, Mujuru and several other senior party officials.

However, speaking during a birthday interview with state television which was broadcast this week, Mugabe claimed that the courts would dismiss Mutasa’s case.

“We hear that they (Mutasa and his group) want to form their own party (I hear) they want to call it Zanu PF First, just to retain the PF. Even the courts will throw away that nonsense,” Mugabe told his interviewer.

The opposition MDC-T party condemned what it described as Mugabe’s attempt to interfere with the judiciary.

Said party spokesman Obert Gutu: “What makes him (Mugabe) so confident that Didymus Mutasa will have his proposed court case thrown out by the courts?

“Last time I checked, Robert Mugabe has never practised law in any jurisdiction under the sun. So why is he so confident that Mutasa’s case is devoid of legal merit?”

Gutu added: “Robert Mugabe knows fully well that in all politically sensitive cases, his rogue regime has always routinely improperly interfered with the functions of the judiciary.

“We are dealing with a regime that has gone completely awry a rabid regime with absolutely no respect for the courts and for the principles of constitutionalism and separation of powers.

“What a shame! Little wonder, therefore, that Zimbabwe is now a banana republic a failed state.”

Mutasa and former Zanu PF Mashonaland West province Temba Mliswa were recently expelled from Zanu PF over the yet to be proven coup allegations with the ruling party also aising Parliament that they had also lost their legislative seats.

But both have indicated that they will contest the proposed by-elections in their respective constituencies, warning that the ruling party was setting itself up for huge embarrassment.

“The weevils are in trouble because I will contest as a member of my party, the original Zanu PF which they call gamatox,” Mutasa was quoted saying this week.

“I shall contest. I do not want to let my members down. I will contest as the original Zanu PF candidate.”

Source : New Zimbabwe