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EMBATTLED MDC-T leader Morgan Tsvangirai on Sunday took his current countrywide campaign trail to the resort town of Victoria Falls where he repeated calls for a concerted political response to the country’s worsening political crisis.

Tsvangirai told party supporters that incumbent President Robert Mugabe and his government have totally run out of ideas on how they could rescue the country from its current economic decline.

The former Prime Minister said he could see a desperate Mugabe swallow his pride one day and approaching him for solutions on how to remedy the situation, just like what his party’s joining of the 2009-2013 government did to a then fast plunging economy.

“Mugabe cannot provide legitimacy and democracy to this country,” Tsvangirai said to applause by party supporters.

“I am not calling for another government of national unity but am saying Mugabe cannot do anything alone. Mugabe will look for me you shall see, I won’t look for him.”

The opposition leader however said his party was cautious not to “fall into the same trap again of a man who is disloyal and dishonest”.

Tsvangirai further questioned the calibre of Zanu PF MPs who dominate the legislature with an imposing two thirds majority, adding that most went into parliament through the backdoor, thanks to a rigged poll July last year.

“Some MPs are in parliament by accident,” Tsvangirai said, “But don’t worry, the day will come when we shall be there. We will soon organise into action and put pressure on this regime to change.”

Tsvangirai said, almost 10 months after the elections, the Zanu-PF led government had failed to find a solution to people’s food needs as “the national food system is coming from Zambia, and the question is why”.

The MDC-T leader’s rally was his first meeting with his Victoria Falls and Matabeleland North supporters since the ouster of provincial chairperson Sengezo Tshabangu early last month.

Tshabangu was linked to the Elton Mangoma’s leadership renewal project.

Earlier on, Tsvangirai had met with provincial council members in a closed four-hour meeting ahead of the rally as it was suspected that Tshabangu loyalists wanted to cause chaos at the meeting.

During the meeting, Tsvangirai was urged to expel all supporters linked to Tshabangu and the Mangoma faction.

“You have no power to suspend your chairman, that is nowhere in the constitution. Yes we saw your petition but it is the decision of the higher body of national council that should say so. For those we have expelled, discipline should go with democracy and I defend the decision of the higher body,” said Tsvangirai while responding to concerns from a provincial council member during the meeting.

The MDC-T leader, blamed for failure to provide g enough leadership to unseat Zanu PF, has recently been on the campaign trail to ratchet up pressure against President Mugabe’s faltering leadership.

His campaigns are also seen as a way of galvanising support around his continued leadership within the 15 year old movement after a group of party hawks have fiercely been fighting for his ouster.

His Victorira Falls rally held at Chinotimba stadium was also attended by party national chairman Lovemore Moyo, Women’s assembly secretary Theresa Makone and party secretary for information, Douglas Mwonzora.

Source : New Zimbabwe