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PROGRESSIVE Teachers Union of Zimbabwe (PTUZ) secretary general Raymond Majongwe has said President Robert Mugabe rightly deserves his US$12,000 monthly salary which has been criticised by the opposition.

The trade unionist however, said the veteran leader needs to realise that he is not the only civil servant who deserved a pay rise.

Mugabe said Thursday he was now earning a basic salary of $10,000 and $2,000 in allowances, a significant leap from his $4,000 he was earning only last year.

The Zanu PF leader was quick to point out that the amount was not enough for his upkeep and did not tally with the salaries of his peers.

His sentiments ignited g criticism from his critics who felt Zimbabwe’s number one civil servant did not deserve a pay increase of such magnitude when ordinary workers’ pleas for a pay rise fell on deaf ears.

But the PTUZ secretary general, an ardent Mugabe critic, chose to view things differently, insisting Mugabe’s lofty status and workload deserved better reward.

“I agree with him (Mugabe),” Majongwe said.

“He (Mugabe) must be given a pay increase because he is doing a lot of work and we must also be given a pay increase because we are doing a lot of work. He deserves more than $12,000 he must get that money and we must also get ours.

“The fact that he gets an increment strengthens our resolve. Because if $12,000 is not enough for him, what of a teacher earning $500 with four children and a wife.

“I cannot equate myself to the president but the most important thing is if he gets an increment, then all of us must get.”

Zimbabwean civil servants earn a minimum wage of $300 against a poverty datum line of above $500.

The PTUZ, a militant section of the country’s teaching professionals, has been fronting a protracted push for a pay increase among civil servants, in most instances aocating an outright industrial action.

The state has, in many instances, reacted with brute force to their demands.

Source : New Zimbabwe