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It has been reported that Zanu PF is in the process of raising the sum of US$1 million in order to bank roll Robert Mugabe’s birthday bash scheduled to take place at the plush Elephant Hills Hotel golf course on February 28, 2015.

We have also gathered that several elephants and other wildlife will be slaughtered to feed the crowd that will be commandeered to attend the nonagenarian’s 91st birthday bash. The irony of it all is the fact that the bash will be taking place at a time leading economists have since announced that the average incomes in Zimbabwe are now at their lowest in 60 years. It has also emerged that more than 76% of the country’s adult population is surviving on less than US$200 per month.

While the MDC would like to wish Robert Mugabe a happy 91st birthday on February 21, 2015 we would also like the old man to use his birthday as a moment for serious reflection. At the very ripe age of 91, Robert Mugabe is certainly way past his prime. No matter what his Zanu PF spin doctors might want to say, Mugabe has seen better days and he is now a big liability to the generality of the people of Zimbabwe for as long as he remains as the county’s head of state and chief executive. It doesn’t need rocket science for one to appreciate that a 91 year old man belongs to an old people’s home and not to the State House of a nation.

As the MDC, we are greatly perturbed to learn that instead of focusing on more serious and pressing national issues such as rehabilitating the country’s collapsed public health delivery system as well as the renovation of the nation’s dilapidated road and rail infrastructure, Zanu PF has seen it fit to squeeze the sum of US$I million from the country’s ailing business sector in order to bankroll the nonagenarian’s birthday jamboree in the resort town of Victoria Falls.

The absurdity of it all is further compounded by the rather bizarre demand by the Zanu PF Youth League that Robert Mugabe’s birthday should be declared a national holiday ! Zimbabwe is not North Korea where the Dear Leader’s birthday is deified and celebrated as a public holiday. In a short period of 35 years, Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF have successfully managed to run down and trash a country that was at one time the jewel of Africa. From being a proud net food exporter and bread basket of Southern Africa at independence in April , 1980, Mugabe and Zanu PF have mismanaged the country and in the process they have reduced a once proud nation with a sophisticated mixed economy into a basket case. That is the tragic and sad legacy of Robert Mugabe’s rule in Zimbabwe.

The MDC calls upon the proposed Robert Mugabe birthday bash scheduled to take place in Victoria Falls on February 28, 2015 to be called off. All the money that has been collected to bankroll this obscene jamboree should be immediately channelled towards rehabilitating the collapsed public hospitals, clinics and rural schools in Matebeleland North province. Any food items and other materials that have been “donated” for Mugabe’s birthday bash should be handed over to the Jairos Jiri centre and other orphanages in Bulawayo.

The majority of the people of Zimbabwe are living in penury, squalor and destitution and thus it would be grossly offensive for Robert Mugabe and a few of his hangers – on to wine and dine at the Mosi – a – Tunya on Saturday , February 28 , 2015. It is high time that the ZanuPF regime shows some respect and empathy for the toiling masses of Zimbabwe.


Obert Chaurura Gutu

MDC National Spokesperson

Source : Movement for Democratic Change