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GWANDA municipality Urban Councils Workers Chairman Sipho Ndlovu of the Welshman Ncube-led MDC, who last month was suspended from work over allegations of insulting President Robert Mugabe, has joined Zanu PF.

Ndlovu was paraded alongside two other MDC members at Zanu PF offices on Thursday were he was welcomed to the party by Matabeleland South provincial affairs minister Abedinico Ncube and party supporters.

Ndlovu, who has led workers in several strikes over unpaid salaries, said he was leaving the MDC because “it has lost direction” without giving further details.

Ndlovu and Zanu PF Gwanda mayor Knowledge Ndlovu have in the past clashed over workers’ unpaid salaries and prior to his suspension the two were almost involved in a fist fight during a workers meeting.

Sources said Ndlovu has been under pressure to join the party following his suspension.

“He was put in a corner he was on the brink of losing his job and joining Zanu PF is a well calculated move that will see him regaining his job in the municipality,” said a source.

Ndlovu (trade unionist) has been spearheading a membership drive that has seen him luring four former MDC members into Zanu PF in the past week.

However the MDC has dismissed the defections as a non-event and of no bearing.

Ndlovu (trade unionist), a few months ago, admitted that workers meetings were always attended by CIO officers.

Source : New Zimbabwe