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OPPOSITION National Constitutional Assembly (NCA) leader, Lovemore Madhuku, has described President Robert Mugabe as “mad” for celebrating his aanced age.

Madhuku aised the aging Zanu PF leader to get a grip and hold birthday celebrations for children, instead.

Last month Mugabe held a $1 million dollar birthday bash at the posh Elephant Hills hotel in the resort town of Victoria Falls.

Cows, buffalos and elephants were slaughtered as safari operators stampeded to please the aging leader.

Said Madhuku: “Which country in the world will say happy birthday to such an old person?

“I personally have birthdays every year but the day sometimes passes without me realizing it, and I might be reminded by my children that I have a birthday.

Madhuku was speaking at a service delivery meeting organized by the Combined Harare Residents Association in Harare on Wednesday.

He added: “Don’t you think that is being mad?

“And don’t you also think that it’s a madness that the country has been driven into that you celebrate Mugabe’s birthday while you forget yours.

“Very few do celebrate their birthdays although many try for their kids. Mugabe must do the same and celebrate his kids’ birth days not for himself that’s madness, real madness.

“But that madness then goes for the whole country a country that celebrates 91 years!”

Ahead of the celebrations Zanu PF officials and state-owned companies struggling to pay their workers, scrambled for notice by splashing happy birthday messages in the national media.

The state-controlled Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) and national papers are still running happy birthday aerts from government departments, parastatals and companies associated with Mugabe’s Zanu PF party.

Source : New Zimbabwe