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Those who attended the public debate hosted by the Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI) at Ambassador Hotel on Wednesday last week, will agree with me that all factions of the MDC are taking people for granted.

Spiced in an enticing heading, ‘Wither the MDC’, the debate uncharacteristically lured a colossal audience, most of whom were supporters of the MDC factions who are mystified by the goings on in their party.

With lawyers, who are the spokespersons of the factions, being billed to speak for their parties at the meeting, we all anticipated that we would leave the auditorium fully informed. Sadly, the three spokespeople short-changed the audience as they did not do justice to the topic.

Douglas Mwonzora, Jacob Mafume and Edwin Mushoriwa, who respectively stood for MDC-Tsvangirai, MDC-Renewal Team and MDC, shot off target. Unless it was a deliberate collusion to go off topic, the trio, as the talking heads of their parties, still have a lot to fill the bill. We laboured to listen as we were treated to the same old “Mugabe must go” mantra. The trio took turns to lecture us on the history of the MDC. It was more of a competition to outsmart each other in the game of attacking Zanu-PF and heaping gratuitous credit on the beleaguered party.


The young lawyer should be reminded that gone are the days of making President Mugabe a war cry.

The enlightened voters of this age measure you on the basis of the alternatives that you proffer to take this country out of the sanction-induced economic quagmire.

This day and age demands politicians who do not stop at picking up all the peccadilloes and mote in other people’s eyes, but in addition, offer alternatives, put forward their own ideas and submit well considered solutions to problems highlighted.

President Mugabe won the election because of his pro-people policies. We are curious to see the Renewal Team’s alternative economic blueprint that is better than the Zim-Asset which Mafume said was a non-agenda. For his own information, Zim-Asset has begun to bear fruits.


MPOI was not even supposed to include the microscopic MDC in the debate because it is not part of the equation. Coming from a party that is threatened with extinction, Mushoriwa can be absolved for seeking political resurrection by lobbying for a grand coalition. What the vice president fails to understand is that a coalition of people with a hotchpotch of ideologies will never stick. Mr Mushoriwa’s party will never make any impact on the so-called grand coalition because they will not bring any grit to the coalition’s mill. The MDC wants to survive on coalitions.


It was quite apparent that the MDC-T hired some hoodlums to disturb the debate. The moment that Mafume began to speak on the dictatorial tendencies of Tsvangirai, the ruffians, who were visibly drunk, viciously suppressed the debate.

What these rented supporters did reflects on the general behaviour of the MDC-T, a party that ironically lays claim to democracy. Despite being an inarticulate speaker, Mafume deserved his democratic right to speak. Suppression of internal debate was one of the chief reasons behind the splits in the MDC. The conveners had to prematurely terminate the debate as it had become increasingly risky for contributors to fight from the corner of the Renewal Team. This debate ended with some of us regretting why we had expended our precious time on high jinks. The way Mwonzora sycophantically heaped praise on Tsvangirai bordered on covering up something. It gives credence to the ongoing talk that Mwonzora was also part of the Mazvikadei Indaba where the leadership renewal project was mooted. He deflected blame from Tsvangirai for his failure during the inclusive government. He forgets that Tsvangirai, as a Prime Minister, was supposed to take an oversight role on the ministers, particularly those from his party.

Paradoxically, Mwonzora appealed to the prodigal sons to come back to the party yet they are still suspending, expelling and purging perceived dissenters. If the call is sincere, the purges must stop first and the suspensions and expulsions must be rescinded. MDC-T acted hypocritically by roping in Dr Makoni in the July 2013 elections, yet the latter left Zanu-PF the same way that they accuse Biti and company of doing.

Source : The Herald