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FRUSTRATED at repeatedly failing to topple him from power via elections (and other means), President Robert Mugabe’s political rivals have resorted to whining that, at 91, he is too old to run the country and should retire.

Privately they hope nature will come to their aid with a more permanent fall after the veteran leader – in the words of his spin master Jonathan Moyo – ‘broke’ his tumble down the steps of a dais at Harare International Airport in February.

“Old age is illness humanity can’t cure,” crowed Jacob Mafume of the MDC Renewal then.

“I do believe we have maintained that State House is not an old people’s home and we should find other places to accommodate him.”

“What this clearly shows is that Robert Mugabe is no longer fit for the presidency,” added Obert Gutu o the MDC-T.

Mugabe’s aides rejected the retirement calls, downplaying the tumble as fortuitous – and human.

And as if to defy his opponents and their ‘nature’, Mugabe has maintained a punishing schedule for a man his age, travelling all over the world, perhaps to prove that he is fit for the job.

His wife Grace, who had started to dominate the headlines amid claims she was being prepared to take over, has suddenly been muted.

Beyond that, Mugabe’s handlers have moved to ensure the despised regime change lobby finds no further succour in any new ‘broken falls’.

There were no steps to negotiate on his way up the dais Thursday as the Zanu PF leader officiated at a police pass-out parade in Harare.

The ZRP made sure there was a ramp instead, the kind erected at the homes of elderly people who use mobility scooters s well as wheelchair users.

The ramp also came with handrails for added security.

Accompanying Mugabe was police chief, Augustine Chihuri, who collapsed in a heap the last time the two presided over another graduation ceremony.

Chihuri blamed the faint on an aide who had allegedly given him the wrong shoe size.

On Thursday Mugabe dispensed with his usual heeled footwear for flat soled moccasins. He is known to have trouble with his ankles which have often appeared swollen in some photographs.

The Zanu PF leader insists he will remain in power claiming the country cannot do without him.

He dismisses speculation that he is struggling with his health despite frequent trips to visit medics in Singapore.

Prominent clergyman Ezekiel Guti of ZAOGA recently irritated the opposition by saying Mugabe should continue in office despite his age.

“It is misdirected for a religious leader to argue that aanced age does not prevent anyone from carrying out the honours and duty of running a country.

“As the MDC, we maintain that Robert Mugabe is too old to lead Zimbabwe,” said Gutu in response.

Source : New Zimbabwe