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PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has promised that “there will be more bloodletting” to rid his ruling Zanu PF party of remaining elements linked to former vice president Joice Mujuru.

Mujuru was removed from her powerful position as Mugabe’s deputy both in the party and government amid accusations she was at the centre of an elaborate plot to assassinate the veteran gman with help from Western powers.

Mugabe has disregarded Mujuru’s claims of innocence and gone on to implement his biggest cabinet cull since he took power from Ian Smith’s Rhodesian regime in 1980.

In an interview with state television to mark his 91st birthday, Mugabe said despite having kicked out of government Mujuru and no less than 17 ministers, nine party chairpersons and other lesser known officials, he is not done yet.

“No there is a lot of it (factionalism),” said the Zanu PF leader.

“We haven’t addressed factionalism as it had existed. There was a faction linked to Mujuru and another to vice president Emmerson Mnangagwa when he was still a minister.

“Mnangagwa and his group did not try to take over the presidency. It was Mujuru and her people who tried everything.

“They engaged in arcane rituals such as sacrificing livestock with the help of Nigerians that’s how clever they are and paid for that nonsense.”

In the run-up to the Zanu PF congress in December last year, Mugabe unleashed his wife First Lady Grace Mugabe who embarked on a whirlwind tour of the country, castigating Mujuru and her “cabal of quislings” for plotting to kill her husband.

Mujuru was also accused of extortion before she lost her position in the party with Grace Mugabe taking over as the Zanu PF Women’s League chairperson.

The First Lady reportedly helped Mugabe institute a ruthless purge of the former vice president’s lieutenants, among them then powerful administration secretary Didymus Mutasa, spokesperson Rugare Gumbo, War Veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda and a host of ministers.

Mnangagwa, the president’s long-time ally took over as vice president from Mujuru and was joined in the presidium by career diplomat Phelekezela Mphoko.

But elements linked to Mujuru, and led by Mutasa and Gumbo, have vowed to fight Mugabe and are allegedly finalizing a court challenge to overturn the 2014 congress results and decisions.

Source : New Zimbabwe