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PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe and rival, Morgan Tsvangirai, are both impediments to the growth and revival of Zimbabwe, an opposition leader has said.

Jacob Ngarivhume, the leader of the newly formed Transform Zimbabwe (TZ) party, said Zimbabwe was better off with the two out of the way.

TZ is a newly formed political party which claims to base its ideology on Christian values.

Addressing a press conference last week, Ngarivhume was asked explain what new qualities he was bringing onto the political scene considering that President Robert Mugabe had a history of spilling blood while Tsvangirai is seen as promiscuous.

“You remind me of a comment made by one of our members in Hatfield who said the two devils cannot rule Zimbabwe. Ours is a value-based movement and we are driven by principles,” Ngarivhume said.

Over 20,000 Zimbabweans, mainly ethnic Ndebeles, were killed in Matabeleland and the Midlands regions in the early 1980s by a North Korean-trained crack unit of Mugabe’s army.

Mugabe says he sent the army to put down an uprising by former liberation war combatants aligned to ZAPU led by Joshua Nkomo.

The Zanu PF leader has never apologised for the massacre.

The closest Mugabe came to offering an apology was when he described the crackdown as “a moment of madness” during Nkomo’s burial in July 1999.

Tsvangirai has also had his fair share of negative publicity over his involvement with several women, particularly after the death of his wife, Susan, in a car accident in March 2009.

Ngarivhume told the press conference that his TZ party was made up of men and women of upright moral standards.

“Our leaders are God-fearing (men and women) and our movement is grounded on values and principles. This is the reason why tens of thousands of supporters have joined the party,” Ngarivhume said.

Source : New Zimbabwe