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PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe’s belief in witchcraft to the extent that he fired his deputy, Joice Mujuru, on allegations of indulging in such has exposed his “petty approach” to issues affecting Zimbabwe, an opposition politician has said.

MDC-Renewal Team spokesperson, Jacob Mafume, said by believing in sorcery Mugabe had shown his lack of depth and therefore inability to deal with the situation confronting Zimbabwe today.

Mafume said this during a discussion organised by the Mass Public Opinion Institute (MPOI) on Thursday.

“We have a president who believes in witchcraft and that shows you the depths to which this country, renowned for its intelligent people, has sunk.

“This is sad and it irritates some of us really. This group of leaders has failed this country. It is sad, really sad that our leader genuinely believes Mujuru wanted to kill him.

“Mugabe really believed that Mujuru named chickens after him. He believed that she conducted rituals naming funny water insects after him and his family in a bid to bewitch them hence he made the decision to fire her.

“It is a tragedy but that will obviously not repair the economy. We will continue to wallow in poverty,” said Mafume.

Mujuru lost her job as State and Zanu PF vice president after she was accused by First Lady Grace Mugabe of practicing witchcraft in the run-up to the ruling party’s last December congress.

Mugabe’s wife described Mujuru as the “old witch of Dotito”, in reference to Mujuru’s rural home in Mashonaland Central.

Mugabe later joined the bandwagon to claim that Mujuru and her group, which included then Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo and administration chief Didymus Mutasa, had conducted a ritual during which they had sought to have the president killed “in their bid to wrestle power”.

Mujuru denied the claims.

Mafume said Mugabe’s behaviour had rubbed onto desperate ordinary people who are now seeking “divine” intervention from “prophets”.

“Our people are now seeking solace in and solutions from funny people calling themselves prophets. You have stories of someone who bought a Bentley and gave it to a ‘man of God’ in the hope that it would multiply into three vehicles.

“A few years ago we had Mugabe setting up a cabinet committee to thank ancestors for providing Zimbabwe with pure fuels from a rock. We became the laughing stock of the world despite our claims of being one of the most educated societies on the continent.

“Now there is mistrust in cabinet because of stone-age beliefs in witchcraft,” Mafume said.

“These are the people we have given the responsibility to run our country to turn around our economy it is a crying shame and we could do better really”.

Now known as the diesel n’anga, Rotina Mavhunga hoodwinked a desperate Mugabe and his government after claiming “the ancestors” had revealed to her diesel oozing from a rock in Chinhoyi.

Mugabe dispatched cabinet ministers who included former intelligence ministers and Sydney Sekeramayi and Mutasa to visit the site where fuel was said to have been ‘discovered’.

Some reports said he also ordered that two buffaloes be slaughtered at the behest of the “school drop-out” before it was revealed the claims had been a hoax.

Mavhunga was later jailed for fraud.

Source : New Zimbabwe