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PRESIDENT Robert Mugabe has claimed that his disgraced former deputy, Joice Mujuru, thought she could depose him after graduating with a PhD at the University of Zimbabwe.

Mujuru has since been deposed as both State and Zanu PF vice president over claims she plotted to topple Mugabe from power, with assassination said to have been considered as a contingency if the veteran leader refused to step down.

Commenting on the fallout during an interview with State television to mark his 91st birthday, Mugabe said Mujuru allowed her educational achievements and vaulting ambition to get the better of her.

“The woman grew ambitious and did not want to buy her time to see the President either retire or die,” he said.

“The man has just won an election and you want to remove him, you think it is that easy.

“We don’t know who misled this woman. I put her in that position not that she qualified, there were men who were better qualified than her, but we wanted to groom her there.”

Mujuru joined the liberation struggle after completing just two years of secondary education. At the end of the war she became the youngest member of Mugabe’s cabinet and fitted secondary school in between her busy schedule after she was appointed minister.

She continued to study until she attained a doctorate alongside Mugabe’s wife Grace in September last year.

But Mugabe said the university education fooled Mujuru into thinking that she was ready to take over power.

“She went to university, now she has become a doctor and thought now I can be a President,” he said. “It is not those things that count, you must be a person with capacity and experience apart from that you must be disciplined and obedient.

“You follow procedures of the party, you don’t go against the rules of the party, you abide with the rules of the party, you respect the hierarchy and not plan a coup de tat, worse still an assassination.”

Several senior Zanu PF officials and cabinet ministers have since been fired by Mugabe for supposedly working with Mujuru to topple him.

The veteran leader also warned that he was not done cleaning up the ruling party.

Source : New Zimbabwe