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Developments in the Mujuru cabal, together with the nature of coverage it is getting from the private media reveal a contradictory pattern where the supposedly popular political outfit is hesitant to thrust itself into the political fray and contest for power with zanu-pf. The political outfit also calling itself the People First project is daily presented in the private media, the Daily News to be specific, as a powerful and popular outfit with the political wherewithal to upstage zanu-pf.

In the Daily News, the cabal has apparently displaced MDC-T from its front page pedestal, with the anti-revolutionary publication morphing into a Mujuru cabal mouthpiece.

The uncouth duo of Didymus Mutasa and Rugare Gumbo are daily given acres of space to unremittingly disparage President Mugabe, zanu-pf and the revolutionary Party’s people-centred policies such as the Land Reform Programme.

Without any corroborating evidence, the two claim that their project has a huge following at the grassroots. They claim ownership of all zanu-pf renegades chucked out for their treasonous allegiance to Mujuru.

We are also told that the political outfit now has a youth structure led by one Temba Mliswa and has also appointed provincial point persons.

The supposed leader of the project, Joice Mujuru, is presented as a victim of political persecution by zanu-pf, with all the misfortune befalling her being pinned on the ruling Party.

Tellingly, a fire caused by technicians from a certain poultry company, doing work at her farm, was blamed on zanu-pf despite the company taking liability for the inferno and pledging to compensate the former vice president.

A simple business or personal visit abroad by any of the Mujuru daughters is reported as seeking refuge from the supposedly unrelenting zanu-pf attacks on their family.

All these misleading reports are designed to elicit sympathy and support for the beleaguered former VP and her supposedly popular People First outfit.

However, despite all the publicity stunts, what baffles the mind is the unmasked hesitation by the project’s senior officials to step forward and assume its leadership.

Rugare Gumbo has ducked taking leadership of the group by arrogating himself the role of spokesperson and has all along been harping that Mujuru is the chosen leader of the outfit.

Similarly, Didymus Mutasa has not expressed his will to lead the renegades, but has only remained vituperative and maintaining that Mujuru is their leader.

Bamboozled by the unresolved leadership vacuum in the group, its private media sidekicks ran stories claiming that pressure is now mounting on Mujuru to take over the reins of the project as its imaginary supporters were exasperated at the failure by the former Vice President to step forward.

However, Mujuru allegedly shot back at the reports saying she would not be arm-twisted into taking charge of the beleaguered outfit. She was quoted in the NewsDay of May 7 2015 emotionally charging that “I am not there to be pushed. I have my own time and plans.”

But despite her grumbles, Gumbo insists that Mujuru will challenge President Mugabe in the 2018 harmonised elections.

One cannot help but wonder why leaders of the “popular” outfit are developing cold feet in directly challenging President Mugabe.

With all the bravado and support they are claiming, why are they afraid of taking the reins of the People First project?

Why are Gumbo and Mutasa hiding behind Mujuru, and why is Mujuru hiding behind the convenience of her “time and plans”?

Why all the hiding?

The answer is clear. The Mujuru clique knows that it has no support at all.

Gumbo, Mutasa and Mujuru are quaking at the prospect of facing the great African revolutionary President Mugabe at the polls.

As affirmed by the recent Afrobarometer survey, they know President Mugabe is popular with voters and would defeat any of them at any given election.

On her part, Mujuru is aware that she has no following and cannot, therefore, vainly jeopardise terminal benefits accruing to her from Government for her previous service, which she will definitely lose as per constitutional provisions once she ventures into active politics.

The People First politicians are not alone in fearing the great African revolutionary and his party, for other opposition apparatchiks before them are scurrying for cover, scrounging for excuses to avoid facing President Mugabe at the polls.

Source : The Herald