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VICE president Joice Mujuru is reported to have skipped Tuesday’s meeting of the Zanu PF’s crucial politburo meeting.

The is the second time the embattled vice president has missed meetings of the top ruling party committee in under two weeks.

Sources close to Mujuru said she felt there was no point in attending the latest meeting.

“The situation is bad and she sees no reason in attending this meeting,” said the source.

Politburo insiders said there was no reason given for her absence.

“No-one knows why she did not attend. No apology was offered before we commenced the meeting,” said the politburo member.

Last week provincial officials in Mujuru’s home district, Mount Darwin, refused to accept her application to participate in the party’s central committee elections where the majority of her supporters and party bigwigs were booted out.

The development represented a further setback for Mujuru, who is in an increasingly fierce struggle for influence in the country with Mugabe’s wife, Grace, and her arch-rival in the succession battle, Emmerson Mnangagwa.

“Her absence today tells a story,” said the source.

“She could have silently resigned from Zanu PF because she is always present in all government functions.

“She attended Monday’s cabinet meeting yet she has not attended two consecutive politburo meetings.”

Source : New Zimbabwe