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A 35-year-old man is in the habit of forcing his mother to pay prostitutes for the sexual favours they would have given him, the Harare Civil Court heard recently.

Winnie Mbhle claimed Tafadzwa Muringani also threw condoms at her whenever he starts demanding money. Mbhle was seeking a protection order against Muringani whom she claimed was breaching her peace. “He is in the habit of bringing different prostitutes at my house demanding money to pay them for sexual favours,” she said.

Mbhle told magistrate Ms Ruth Kamangira that Muringani was violent towards her and verbally abuse her.

“He destroys my property each time he becomes violent and to make matters worse, he has the guts to throw condoms at me,” said Mbhle.

Mbhle claimed that Muringani sometimes enters her bedroom at night, ransacking the entire room.

“I am now living in fear of being harmed by him because I cannot understand him anymore.”

Muringani did not turn up at the court.

She told the court that she does not want Muringani to bring prostitutes to her house.

Ms Kamangira granted the protection order in default, which barred Muringani from physically or verbally abusing Mbhle.

She ordered Muringani to keep peace towards Mbhle at all times.

Source : The Herald