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Charles Mungoshi Junior, son of one of Zimbabwe’s finest authors, has vowed to continue his father’s legacy after successfully publishing two books.His latest offering, “My Versatile Mind”, is set to be launched next month.

Mungoshi, who is now a pastor at Passion Java Ministries, released his first book “Mirrors of Thoughts” last year. In a wide ranging interview yesterday with The Herald Entertainment, Mungoshi said writing runs in his blood and promised to release more books.

“I just have a drive within me that I ought to release myself through ink.

“Growing up I never desired to be an author because I just didn’t see the value in it. I didn’t make a decision to be a writer, it just started, it was an inborn gift because it was something that I never ever gave thought to,” he said.

His father is naturally his major inspiration.

“I cannot run away from the fact that my dad inspired me since he is the one who taught me the simplicity of relieving myself through ink when I first wrote “Candle Light Thought” (an unpublished manuscript that Mungoshi Jnr did while in high school) in 2008 and he edited it. I felt this unusual relief like I have done something you know, so I discovered that I can’t run away from it because it’s who I am. I am always on the pad,” he said.

He said his works are creative non-fiction. “My books are motivational but the way I write is different, you find that most motivational material in the world is not artistically written which at times kills the hunger to e,” he said.

In “My Versatile Mind” his main motive is to encourage people to have inner belief in themselves so that no matter the events that occur they will make it in life.

“This book is designed to motivate one to be energetic, or energised to make it in life,” he said.

Going through the book one would agree that he is his father’s son as the stream of consciousness that Mungoshi senior is known for immediately comes to the fore:

“The outward appearance of my mind is conscious coated but the reality is outspoken. Not the liking of many people. I am the noise in the silent moment of life. Today I introduce the me within me, the one who speaks when I am in deep thought, the one who reads out loud when I am silent – yes my judgment seat, Today I expose him to you, so you can be a part of the conversations of my mind and world. He is the one who distributes energy to my veins for me to release him in ink on paper.

“Yes he wants to talk to the you in you. The decision making seat is his domain, the man of the moment but never seen in the moment, Let him narrate success to you, he sees it before it happens. Get in touch with him and be directed from the depth into the deep life,” goes part of the book’s introduction.

Source : The Herald