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Harare councillors want the municipal chief traffic officer charged for alleged fraudulent reduction of enforcement fees on towed vehicles at the city’s Central Stores.

This follows a presentation by city audit manager Mr Joseph Issa to council’s audit committee on March 11 this year.

Mr Issa provided video footage of the alleged criminal actions, prompting councillors to order disciplinary action against chief traffic officer Mr Campion Chishava and a ticket issuing officer.

The councillors resolved that public safety director Brigadier-General (Retired) Farai Chinengundu and human capital director Dr Cainos Chingombe institute disciplinary action against the pair.

Rtd Brig-Gen Chinengundu was ordered to refer the matter to chamber secretary Mrs Josephine Ncube for aice on whether or not criminal charges could be laid.

He was further told to put in place mechanisms to enhance consistency in the level of towing and clamping operations through a trend analysis, putting in place a vehicle tracking system and to carry out reconciliation of all tickets issued against revenue received.

The councillors also resolved that: “The public safety director ensures that the waiver of charges and any exemption of traffic fines should be confined to the motorist on State business and those faced with life-threatening situations and that the authority to waive such fees should rest with the chief traffic officer in liaison with the director of public safety who shall keep a register.

“The public safety director ensures that the release authority forms must be redesigned to identify important material as to the cause or reason for release, should be serialised and be treated as security stationery,” read part of the audit committee minutes.

Council said Rtd Brig-Gen Chinengundu should ensure receipting of fines for traffic offences be done at Central Stores for the convenience of the motoring public, and to reduce red tape which they said bred corruption.

In addition, cashiers are to be rotated regularly and reconciliation of traffic receipts and tickets issued would be done daily.

Rtd Brig-Gen Chinengundu was also told to see if traffic tickets should be issued on the spot or continue to be issued at Central Stores.

The committee urged council management to consider filling in all critical vacant positions in the traffic enforcement section.

Source : The Herald