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A nine-year-old cancer patient who received US$15 000 from Musha Mukadzi Zimbabwe Armed Forces Foundation (MMZAFF) for treatment has undergone a successful knee amputation. Shingirai Bushu of Waterfalls, a Grade Three pupil, said yesterday that he was now feeling healthy. “I am now okay and I thank Mrs (Mary) Chiwenga for her assistance because before the knee amputation I was in pain everyday,” he said.

Sultan of Oman honourary consul in Zimbabwe Mr Kamal Khalfan, who was paying a visit to the child, said financial assistance was vital in the fight against cancer.

“It is a very difficult situation to be in and you begin to ask why it happened to an innocent child,” he said.

“Moral support helps, but financial support is a necessity because that is what pays the bills.

“I have been to many countries, but Zimbabwe has got a number of charitable organisations and that is testimony to the country’s goodwill.”

MMZAFF national chairperson Mrs Chiwenga implored people to help the disaantaged. “I am doing my duty as the chairperson, but most importantly as a mother,” she said. “When I heard Shingirai’s plea, I was thinking that if I were his mother, I would want the same support.

“His family is not part of the Defence Forces, but I thought he is a child who needs the same assistance. It breaks my heart to see him with one limb.”

Trauma Centre and Hospital chairman and chief executive officer Dr Vivek Solanki, who is the doctor behind the amputation said: “We forgot non-communicable diseases because other diseases have taken the limelight.

“There are types of cancers which are prevalent in the country which need to be addressed.” Shingirai’s father, Mr Desderio Bushu, and his wife Mavis, hailed Ms Chiwenga’s foundation for coming to their family’s rescue.

Source : The Herald