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Popular local musicians descended on Chivi on Sunday where they celebrated the end of the year with the underprivileged who benefited from philanthropic work being carried out by Chivi Rural District Council chairman Killer Zivhu. The musicians were part of the programme’s main attraction at the celebrations held at Zivhu’s homestead in Chivi South. Suluman Chimbetu and Mathias Mhere, who were part of the fundraising team for the underprivileged, mesmerised the villagers with their polished performance.

The event coincided with the birthday of Zivhu’s grandmother Maria Zivhu who turned 94.

The villagers enjoyed the quality music from Sulu, Mhere and Jacob Moyana.

They went wild when Sulu played “Saina” and “Sean Timba”, while Mhere’s well received songs were “Favour” and “Tafura”.

Moyana, famed for his language considered to be foul in some quarters, played from his list of songs which were also well received.

Speakers at the function commended Zivhu for his philanthropic work, while some of the beneficiaries who were present reflected on how their lives had changed.

Zivhu launched a deliberate programme through the Zimbabwe Amalgamated Housing Association, where he is the director general, called “Build a Home” and roped in the musicians to assist in fund raising.

Under the programme, a number of underprivileged people from various districts in Masvingo had modern houses built for them.

Speaking at the occasion, Svoko Ndambakuwa, who used to live in a hut with a collapsed roof that she shared with her eight orphaned grandchildren — both male and female adolescents, said the programme had changed her life.

“I am very grateful because my life has completely taken a new turn since I received my new house from Zivhu,” she said. “Now I am living a comfortable life where my grandchildren are now using separate bedrooms.”

Ndambakuwa also received clothes, blankets and food stuffs from the programme.

Also under the programme, Zaha recently constructed a two-roomed house for an 88-year-old Mazvivamba Mambeva in Gutu.

Mrs Mambeva, who was sharing a thatched hut as accommodation with her three mentally challenged children, said she was happy for the house.

“I never thought I would own a decent house until the arrival of Zaha and Zivhu,” she said. “I am really at a loss of words.”

One of the beneficiaries of the philanthropic work, Muchaneta Mataruse, told those at the celebrations that she could have been dead had it not been for the help she received from Zivhu and the musicians.

The musicians helped with fundraising, while Zivhu provided the bulk of the $13 000 that was needed for her cancer treatment.

“I was given a new hope,” she said. “I was not sure of my future until I got the helping hand. Now I can walk freely and I am completely healed because of the support I received from Zivhu.”

A kidney patient, Mollen Makoni has successfully received a kidney transplant in India where she is still recovering after she received help from Zivhu and the musicians.

The musicians played at a musical gala organised by Zivhu’s Zaha where a substantial amount was raised, but Zivhu had provide tickets and top-up the funds to enable her treatment.

Mollen was accompanied by her mother Locardia as the care giver and sister Tendai who donated the kidney.

A chronic heart patient Charles Munodzana also received money and air tickets from Zivhu for an operation in India, but unfortunately he did not make it and died upon arrival in the Asian country.

Zivhu helped repatriate the body and he was buried at his rural home in Zaka last week.

Speaking at the celebrations Zivhu said he had spent a substantial amount of money helping the underprivileged and he would continue doing more for the community.

Source : The Herald