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Due to poor responses at most musical shows musicians have resorted to joint shows to boost attendance. Music lovers and the artistes themselves have embraced the move saying it has brought a fresh facet to the music industry. Musicians like Alick Macheso and Nicholas Zakaria managed to unite and their shows are doing well with fans getting value for their money.

So when Peter Moyo joins hands with Suluman Chimbetu at Extra Mile Leisure Spot this Sunday a lot is expected at the show.

Both camps promised fan a night of fun and dance.

Moyo’s manager Sukol Dube said they have been working on new songs and they have been sampling some of the songs at the show.

“This idea of joint shows is to bring diversity to fans in one night and unity among the artistes. We are working on a new album and some of the songs been sampled at our shows,” he said.

He said they will have a number of shows in and outside Harare together with Chimbetu.

Sulu publicist Joe Nyamungoma said as musicians they learn a lot from joint shows.

“It’s a way of interaction so when we meet we get a lot both on professional bases as well as bringing fun to the people,” said Nyamungoma.

Nyamungoma urged promoters in the Diaspora to consider such combinations.

“I think this has changed even the behavioral conduct of band members and the musicians. Joint shows are good and we hope our brothers and sisters in the Diaspora will think about this when they plan their shows,” he said.

Event organiser said they were happy to be hosting the two artistes.

“I am very sure that the response will be overwhelming on this show because people love to see different artistes in one day,” he said.

Source : The Herald