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Veteran journalist Shepard Mutamba launched his book “Tuku Backstage” over the weekend at the Book Cafe.

The script caused a sensation last year after a local daily published some articles giving insight into the book. Mtukudzi threatened to take legal action to stop publication of the book.

But it looks like the musician had no grounds for such action or thought better about it all and now the book is out exposing Tuku at his most vulnerable to any who care to read.

Yesterday Tuku’s camp refused to give a comment on the matter. His manager Sam Mataure said, “I have no comment,” before changing the subject.

Last year the veteran singer released a statement in which he said he was betrayed by his publicist and that the portrayal by Mutamba was twisted.

“Everything about the book that I have seen so far is an attack on me. Nothing positive at all. Is that Mutamba’s summary of who I am as a man? You can imagine the distress that this has caused my family. If he wanted to pull me down, why attack my family too? Our conclusion so far is that Mutamba is simply trying to generate sales for his book using a sensationalised form of journalism that is best suited for tabloids. We are currently consulting with our lawyers on the action to take but we are moving on with our vision as Tuku Music and won’t let these recent developments slow us down,” reads part of the statement from Mtukudzi.

One part of the script that reportedly got Tuku all riled up is a detailed narration of a dramatic episode in which his wife Daisy threatened to shoot the musician.

Asked on how the book has been received and sales at the launch, Mutamba declined to comment instead pushing for an interview with this reporter.

“I suggest you go and read the book first so that we can talk at the same level,” he said.

Speaking at the launch, Mutamba said there was no need to consult anyone since it was a biography.

On several social platforms people had already shown their interest in reading the book that explores Tuku’s life. Whether this interest will translate into sales remains to be seen.

Source : The Herald