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Zimbabwean musicians have rarely pursued rave music but the entrance of upcoming musicians Emanuel and Enoch Ngarakana might bring a new dimension to local rave music.Known as the Reel Eeez, the brothers who are originally from Mutare have a collection of singles entitled “Bag Remafaro” that is set to stir the industry.

Other songs are “Hatichabatike” and “Madamburo”.

“We chose rave because it is new to our country and unique. We are the type of people who want to be different hence our choice to venture into it,” said Emmanuel aka Shiny E.

He said the genre was likely to become popular amongst locals as it is danceable. Their successful shows in Bulawayo, Mutare and their new base Harare makes them confident.

“The response we have had so far is great and I feel it is so no one can resist party songs. That is why genres, dancehall and sungura are popular among locals,” said the other member Enoch aka Witty E.

They also explained the concept of rave music.

“The rave element comes in the instruments. We pursue many themes but it remains rave because we have the fast beat that describes our genre.”

Real Eeez have big plans for their music with a video for “Bag Remafaro” set to be released in July.

It will be forwarded to regional music stations as they plan to spread their music.

“If the Nigerians and South Africans could do it then we are going to dominate on the international scene too. Just like them, we are singing in our native language, something that will distinguish us on the international market,” they said. A full album from the duo will be released by year end when they have tested the waters.

Source : The Herald