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EXPELLED Zanu PF politician Didymus Mutasa could be bargaining for something different by defiantly filing a court challenge against Zanu PF’s December congress, political analysts have said.

The former cabinet minister has ignored persistent threats of dire consequences by President Robert Mugabe if the former went ahead seeking court determination on party affairs.

Mugabe further warned judges against entertaining Mutasa’s court challenge.

“We would want to see which magistrate would sit to hear that case. Then we will question their educational qualifications,” Mugabe told his followers in Midlands weekend.

He has further hinted on the possible arrest of his former aide over allegations of embezzling funds donated towards the Zanu PF congress.

But political analysts said Mutasa was well aware he was flogging a dead horse by approaching the courts to try and overturn the outcome of controversial Zanu PF congress.

Charles Mangongera said by going to court, Mutasa and the entire group linked to ousted vice president Joice Mujuru were eyeing opportunities beyond the current political terrain.

“They are setting a record for a post-Mugabe fight,” he said.

“Their fight right now is not to overturn things now. They are calculating they know that Mugabe is very old and the probability of his dying soon is very high.”

Mangongera predicted a more bruising Zanu PF fight in a post Mugabe political era.

“When Mugabe dies, it becomes a bare knuckles fight,” he said.

“These guys are many anyway. Some are still in cabinet the likes of SK Moyo, the likes of Ignatius Chombo who all belong to the Mujuru camp.

“What they are doing is to say that when Mugabe dies, we will come out in our numbers. Once he is gone, the gloves are off and this would be a very brutal fight.”

Kudzayi Kwangwari, another political analyst, said Mutasa was merely trying to perforate a few holes in the Zanu PF’s claim to legitimacy.

“I don’t think he is expecting to win any court case l think he is only trying to embarrass the Zanu PF leadership. I doubt if this would be successful whichever way he goes about it,” Kwangwari said.

Similarly, Rejoice Ngwenya, another Harare based analyst said Mutasa was not targeting anything close to a favourable court ruling but simply trying to whip up a lot of emotion and likely generate enough sympathy around his case from observers to back up an eventual comeback strategy by him and the entire pro-Mujuru group.

“Even if the courts were to be brave and say the current Zanu PF leadership was not legitimate, l don’t see Zanu PF dismantling and reconvening another congress.

“He cannot go back to Zanu PF with tail tucked between his legs asking for forgiveness. He has now opened a non-return political valve,” Ngwenya said, adding that the court action would likely buttress a bid by the disgruntled group to pursue alternative political avenues.

Source : New Zimbabwe