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As the road uncharacteristically snakes up and down, left and right along the shoreline of Zimbabwe’s largest inland water body, Lake Mutirikwi, towards the dam wall, a huge complex of grass thatched lodges invites the traveller from the left side.

There, a visitor gets another side of Masvingo’s array of hospitality facilities.

While most of the hotels and lodges simulate the Great Zimbabwe stone work in their decoration, Mutirikwi Lakeshore Lodges are different, offering a traditional grass-thatch-on-wall – th rondavel.

The most striking and fascinating feature of the Mutirikwi Lodges is that the rondavels are double story buildings.

In fact, they are the only ones in the entire Masvingo Province, hence they give a different taste of hospitality.

Being multi-story buildings their high windows give a wide view of their surroundings.

The windows provide the best view for a very long shoreline of the dam and more often than not one can watch small boats criss-cross or fishermen work on their lines on the dam.

The buildings are largely self-ventilating but are aided by air conditioning.

The grounds are well kept and the huge trees, some of them believed to be more than 100 years old, add to the beauty.

The trees are also home to a variety of birds that have become the permanent guests of the lodges.

Hot water in shower and tub, self-catering facilities, DStv, Lakeshore scenery and game viewing give Mutirikwi its own hold to the hospitality industry in Masvingo.

Mutirikwi has conference facilities that can accommodate up to 100 people and also does outdoor weddings. Catering facilities are provided on request.

Mutirikwi Lakeshore are home away from home.

Source : The Herald